Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Pinterest Production :: Simple Christmas Gift for Friends

This week, I made a few small gifts for some of my friends. One of my favorites involved soap, ribbon, and a cute name tag. This simple, but adorable, gift made me smile when I saw it on Pinterest and I knew I just had to share them.

Let's begin!

First, gather some fun holiday ribbon. I found mine for $1.99 at the local thrift store. It was brand new!

Next, create your tag. I loved the saying, "Wishing you Peace, Joy, and Hope," with Hope crossed out and Soap inserted. Too cute! {If you'd like the file, please let me know!}

I used Microsoft Publisher to design my tags and sent them to Kinko's to get a really nice print out.

To cut them out, I used my rotary cutter to ensure straight edges. I hole punched the center of each tag and tied them onto the pump soap bottles using a piece of string. I adore Young Living's Thieves Foaming Hand Soap because it smells wonderful! One of my friend's sons was so excited when he saw the bottle - I guess he loves it too!

Then, I fashioned a bow out of my Christmas ribbon and viola, friends' gifts completed!

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