Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Traditions :: A Cookie Exchange

This year, I began a new tradition - a cookie exchange. The experience was an absolute delight filled with friends, children, and scrumptious desserts! If you've never hosted a cookie exchange, but would like too, keep reading to discover how easy it really is!

First, set a date, time, and venue. I had my exchange Monday evening at Jason's Deli. I could have had it at my house, but with 13 adults and 16 children, we may have been a little crowded. The plus side of having it at Jason's: no dishes, clean-up, or anything else to worry about!

Decide how many bakers you would like to attend. I initially decided upon 12 people baking 3 dozen cookies each to ensure even amounts. However, we ended up with 9 bakers and had plenty of sweets.

Send out your invites with all the pertinent information. I created a Sign-Up Genius form to use for RSVPs. I left a slot for participants to let the group know which type of treat they were bringing to help avoid duplicates.

Pick up some simple decorations; table clothes and a few centerpieces make for a nice decor. While you are out, you may want to purchase treat boxes from your local craft store for your guests to take home their goodies, if not, suggest they bring an empty container to take them home.

Bake!!! You definitely want to get your cookies baked a day in advance if they are a softer style cookie to ensure they do not crumble in transport. Besides cookies, some of my friends brought chocolate covered pretzel sticks  and homemade candies.

Before everyone takes turns around the cookie table, have each baker tell what they brought. It's also fun to share stories about why you made a certain cookie or if your first batch didn't turn out just right (guilty!). Some of those attending also brought printed recipes for each guest to take home.

At the end of the night, I handed out party favors for my guests. Here's a link to those.

You can make this event as formal or casual as you wish. You can bake as many cookies as you desire. In fact, it's your exchange and you can tailor it to your needs.

Looking back on Monday, my friends and I truly had a wonderful evening of merriment and I can't wait to do this again!

{I do apologize for the lack of pictures as my camera had once again lost its SD card. In fact, I'm kicking myself, because the cookies were beautiful!}


  1. We did a huge cookie exchange a few years ago. The lady in charge purchased pie/dessert boxes from The Butcher Shop for everyone to use to bring cookies home. It was a great idea. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  2. Kim, We had a wonderful time! I never thought about using our local bakery for treat boxes - great idea! By the way - I LOVE the Butcher Shop! : ) Hope you have a Merry Christmas!