Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Staying Organized :: The Travel Binder

This summer, our family took a trip to Destin, Florida. A couple of weeks before we left, I created a travel binder which enabled me to keep our trip information organized.

Using a three-ring binder, I added simple dividers for an easy way to search through various information pertaining to the trip. I used what I had on hand for this project. If you wanted to make your binder cute and eye-appealing, a quick trip to Office Depot or Target might do the trick.

I placed a few sheet protectors behind each divider. By doing so, I ensured our trip's important information would not get ruined by accidental spills, rain, or the occasional child. I even included a sheet protector for pamphlets and maps we picked up along the way to better assist me in next year's plans.

The information I felt I needed to have on hand included the itinerary, reservation confirmations, directions to specific stops, any coupons or Groupons, our trip budget, etc.

I personally like including a "pack" list when I travel, especially when we camp. This ensures our family returns home with everything we brought and nothing gets left behind. The "pack" list became a standard feature to the travel binder after one trip to the Shenandoah Mountains in October. It was freezing and we didn't have the use of our cook stove as I had left a key piece behind.

During the trip, I made notations in the travel binder regarding clean bathrooms and great service at restaurants. I also like to list anything we've learned from the "locals" along the way so I don't forget for the next year.

A friend adds printable games to her travel binder for her children when they get bored. By placing the games in a sheet protector, they can be played over and over again when using a dry erase marker.

A travel binder is a useful tool and a great way to organize all of the stuff you need for your next vacation. If your family takes multiple vacations throughout the year, simply empty the contents of the travel binder into a file folder until you need it again.

Do you make a travel binder for your family vacations? If so, what else do you include in it?

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