Friday, September 14, 2012

Dare to Dye :: Clairol's New Nice & Easy Review

Nice 'n Easy with Color Blend Technology

After recently being selected by Vocal Point and Clairol to try the new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Dye, I immediately reached out to my friends. I posted a Dare to Dye Challenge on Facebook and quickly received a response from my friend Carrie.

Carrie is a young homemaker who is homeschooling 3 of her 4 children. She's a busy lady taking care of her household. She is also like the majority of us Moms - slightly greying. Carrie has dyed her hair in the past using various hair products and was eager to try Clairol's new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Dye. When our schedules finally meshed, we had a dye date!

I had Carrie pick up the dye prior to me coming over; she ended up selecting a Golden Brown hue to help fade the grey away. Now, dying hair is no easy task with 6 children running around (I brought my two along), but we managed to get the job done!

First, I read through the directions to make sure I properly applied the dye. Wearing gloves, I mixed the two agents together to proof the dye. I must admit, I did bring my own gloves because I am not fond of the gloves provided in most dye kits.

What I loved the most about this particular dye was how nice and easy (no pun intended) it was to apply. The color did not stain my gloves nor did it have an awful smell. In fact, the smell was very pleasant, which says a lot considering I am very sensitive to smells. I also enjoyed how creamy the dye appeared to be. It made Carrie's hair extremely soft.

Once the dye had been applied, the two of us talked while we waited for the rinse. After about 15 minutes, we were ready. Rinsing was a little difficult. Where the dye was most concentrated needed extra scrubbing. After about seven to eight minutes, I finally had her hair rinsed. One of the best features of this product is that it did not stain any part of Carrie's skin - not her scalp nor her forehead.

The dye kit also came with a great conditioner to give Carrie's hair silkiness and shine. When we had finished with the entire dye process, Carrie blow-dried the roots of her hair for my after photo.

While Clairol's new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Dye did not completely cover the grey hairs, it did highlight them and give them a more natural look allowing them to blend in to Carrie's dark brown hair.
I saw Carrie the next day at the park with all of her hair completely dried and styled. It had a sun kissed appearance and looked fantastic!


Clairol's new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Dye is expected to last for up to 28 shampoos. Clairol insists their exclusive Color Blend Technology,  layers tones and highlights to enhance the natural variations in your hair, for a shade that's true to you. This product can be found at a retailer near you!

A special Thank You to Carrie for allowing me to blog about our experience!

{This product was provided to me via Vocal Point and Clairol in return for a product review.}

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