Friday, May 24, 2013

Dandelion Moms Project Kindness :: May 2013


As you all know, I contribute monthly articles to Dandelion Moms, a place for beautiful, strong and resilient moms to gather online. Recently, the Head Dandelion herself, Melissa Northway, started Project Kindness - a simple idea with great potential. Melissa writes, "Much like a dandelion seed that blows in the wind landing at different places – acts of kindness can also be far-reaching. We don’t always know how much a simple act could affect someone’s life."
The best part about Project Kindness is the ease of partaking in the list of activities Dandelion Moms provides and the gratification of knowing you have had an impact on someone's life.

Last month, my youngest son and I completed one of the smaller Dandelion Moms challenges. We planted flowers. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but sometimes, it is the littlest of things that matter the most. To my son, you couldn't have asked for a better project. He enjoyed picking out the flowers together, laying out where they would be planted, then planting and watering them, and making sure they were still healthy every day afterwards.
Here are a list of projects for you to work on the rest of May. There's still time, I promise!

  • One World Running helps to promote health in the United States and in developing countries by sending new or nearly new athletic shoes to American shelters as well as Africa, Central America, and Haiti. If the shoes aren’t “nearly new” then they will recycle them into material for tracks and playgrounds. Sounds like a great organization and we figured most people have some shoes that just didn’t get worn for different reasons. And if you have some older ones go ahead and send those in as well as they will help build playgrounds for kids!

       This could be a great Girl-Scout or Church activity to help get your    
       community involved in!

       If mailing shoes, please send to:

      One World Running
      c/o Boulder Storage
      6439 Arapahoe Rd.
      Boulder, Colo. 80303

      They also offer Drop-Off centers in most states. For more
      information go to
  • Next time you are in a fast-food drive-through, pay for the person behind you in line. They just might pass this along next time they are in line and do the same!

  • In honor of Teacher Appreciation Month – bring some handpicked flowers to your child’s teacher.

If you complete any of these Project Kindness tasks, Melissa asks you share them with Dandelion Moms on their Facebook Page as well as Twitter and Instagram (make sure to use #dmprojectkindness). You are also more than welcome to post your kind acts (and photos) on Texas Homemaking's Facebook (@TexasHomemaking) page.

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