Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weekly Goals :: 11/25 - 12/01/2012

Weekly Goals for 11/18 - 11/24/2012

1. Take down holiday decor from Attic
2. Dust, clean floors, wipe windows
3. Prune roses for winter
4. Freezer delivered
5. Finish laundry and drop off at Dry Cleaners

1. Prep Thanksgiving foods
2. Term 1 Exams
3. Need to get animal meds before holiday
4. Gather Advent items
5. Enjoy the week with the boys and Jake

1. Work on exhibit ideas
2. Deliver Food Challenge Box - Delivered this Thursday.
3. Meet with Museum contractor

1. Reply to emails, clean inboxes, update blog
2. Write new Dandelion Moms article
3. Begin online shopping for remainder of gifts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We sure did!

Weekly Goals 11/25 - 12/01/2012

1. Finish decorating the house
2. Find Christmas Cards to mail out
3. Finish any outdoor projects before the cold sets in
4. Take new Goodwill donations

1. Finish Advent Calendar
2. Purchase a few new Christmas books to add to the collection
3. Gather supplies for Christmas crafts with boys
4. Enjoy a day with Jake and the boys

1. Board Meeting
2. 4-H cooking time
3. LEGO Club
4. Meet about the Secret Garden

1. Freezer cooking this weekend
2. Pick up anniversary gift
3. Type up blog articles
4. Go for a long walk

Enjoy this week! Can't believe we have made it to December : )

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