Monday, November 19, 2012

Simple Living :: Hiatus from the Internet

Last week, I did the unthinkable. I walked away from the Internet. For someone who relies on it for the majority of her communication and information, it created an interesting dynamic - but I was up to the challenge!

Monday - It was very difficult to not check my emails. Before I signed off, I had a lot of conversations going on and a few problems I was trying to solve.
Tuesday - Travelling to Palm Springs this morning. Scanning news headlines is one way I usually pass the time while I wait. Today, I'm having to watch the news - I really dislike watching the news. I'm also a little worried about finding attraction information regarding my destination, but a nice lady just gave me an armful of tourism pamphets. I'm set!
Wednesday -  While my normal morning routine consists of emails, blog updates, checking Facebook, and reading headlines, I am thoroughly enjoying the moment. I'm eating a chocolate croissant next to a waterfall on a gorgeous morning - it doesn't get better than that!
Thursday - Internet? What's the Internet? How about a day filled with art, sculptures, wine and cheese, fantastic company, and perusing night time festivals!
Friday - Spent the flight talking with my best friend and discovering humus really isn't that bad. Ready to see my boys and spend the weekend at the lake with family.
Saturday - My youngest, his Mimi, and I spent most of the day at an auction and local antique stores. My youngest now has auction fever!
Sunday - Time to get ready for the Holidays and unpack from a wonderful week. Not looking forward to tomorrow's inbox checks. Ugh!
In reflection, I like life better without the constant barrage of emails; the simplicity of not feeling what I like to call 'email urgency; and not being tied to the computer every morning. I came home to over 300 emails and 20 Facebook notifications. I'm glad I prefaced my hiatus or I suspect there would have been many more.

I will say I did have a few instances of when the use of the Internet would have come in handy. On our trip to the Salton Sea, I wanted to research a little bit more about the history of the Sea. But, I did find a Barnes & Noble with books about local history later that day and fulfilled my thirst of knowledge.

I learned a little bit from this social experiment and I definitely didn't miss all the drama on Facebook. I'm going to start checking my emails three times a week and Facebook once a week. I'm going to work on lessoning my time on the Internet and enjoying my time off of it!

If you've got the time and will-power, give it a try! I promise you won't be disappointed!


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