Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Cleaning 101 :: Tackle the Craft Closet or Bins!

Each Spring, homemakers across the country begin in the yearly ritual of Spring Cleaning. We break out our mops and dust clothes in an effort to ready our homes for the warmer weather. However, did you know, we need to do the same type of cleaning in the Fall?
Fall Cleaning is not as arduous as it's Springtime counterpart (thank goodness!), but it is necessary to ensure our homes are ready for the season and holidays.
This past weekend, I was able to complete many of my Fall Cleaning goals, but I still have a few to finish. Over the next couple of weeks, I will remind everyone of tasks they can do each day to accomplish their Fall Cleaning; thus, making the season a little less hectic.
Fall Cleaning Task #6:
If you have a craft closet or bin, this is definitely another area that needs to be inventoried, cleaned and regularly updated, especially before the holidays.
Be sure to check your craft stock and make note of what items need to be replaced or purchased. In addition, spruce up your cabinet with baskets, jars and baggies in order to keep it better organized.
Include some fall seasonal crafts for the children to work on as they finish with school and are needing something to do during their time off.
It is important to purchase items you will need early as some stores will sell out of the most regularly used items. For instance, last year, glue sticks were in high demand. I ended up looking at three different stores before I finally found a package.
If you plan on using natural elements, send the kids outside to gather them sooner than later! They may be in short supply and the weather may be a little cooler than usual.

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