Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Cleaning 101 :: Let's Tackle the Pantry!

Each Spring, homemakers across the country begin in the yearly ritual of Spring Cleaning. We break out our mops and dust clothes in an effort to ready our homes for the warmer weather. However, did you know, we need to do the same type of cleaning in the Fall?

Fall Cleaning is not as arduous as it's Springtime counterpart (thank goodness!), but it is necessary to ensure our homes are ready for the season and holidays.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will remind everyone of tasks they can do each day to accomplish their Fall Cleaning; thus, making the season a little less hectic.

Fall Cleaning Task #1: Organize your pantry! Throw out what's old, donate items (still in date) you won't use and get ready for Holiday cooking! Only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving (for those readers in the US!) and not too much longer until Christmas baking for family and friends.

By getting your pantry organized prior to the fantastic holiday food sales, you'll know what you still need for your kitchen. As an added bonus, you won't end up with 5 extra cans of condensed milk because you will know exactly what you have on hand!

To better help organize your pantry, consider grouping items together you know you will be using for certain meals or Thanksgiving. Adding a basket to your pantry helps keep these items together.

And while you're at it - don't forget to clean out and inventory your spice rack! You'll thank me later!

What are some of your favorite organizing tips for the pantry?

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