Monday, January 28, 2013

Recharging Your Batteries :: A Guide for Homemakers

Do you ever have a day when you just need a few extra hours of sleep (or maybe half a day’s worth), but will yourself out of bed because the household will not make it without you? Last week, I had several of those mornings; by Friday, I was done. What’s a homemaker to do?

The constant cleaning and cooking (and homeschooling) can put us in a rut. You know the one – “I’m tired,” “I can’t take it anymore,” and my favorite, “If I see one more dirty dish I’ll…” Yet, we continue to plod through our to-do lists and daily routines, all the while, deep down inside a little voice begs for a break.

Ladies and gents, that’s what I call needing to recharge your batteries because the Energizer Bunny has left the building! As busy as we all can be at times (whether it’s doing household work, schooling children, volunteering in our communities, or anything else), we must remember to recharge. We’re not made to run perpetually and as I’m often reminded, even our Creator rested.

How do we recharge in the middle of a busy week? I’m glad you asked!







Get Over It



Relax: I’m not saying you should grab a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella in it and sit by the pool (unless you want too!), but to simply take a moment to be still in your favorite spot. If that means you’ll have to be up before the kids, than get hopping! You’ll be glad you got a few golden moments in before the daily grind.

Enjoy: You need to enjoy the simple daily things in addition to the larger than life events we experience periodically. Take time for your child’s knock-knock joke (no matter how many times you’ve heard it!) or swing by a neighbor’s house for a small chat.

Care: I know you’re thinking, “Care? I care about everything!” Really? How often do you care about yourself or take care of yourself? Remember, the well-oiled machine of a household may break down if the home technician is under the weather. Again, take some time for yourself each day.

Hold-On: As a homemaker, days and weeks sometimes fly by; however, during those weeks that linger a little too long, make sure to hold on: to your sanity, your perseverance, your faith, your motto (my personal one: Keep Calm and Carry On), and your ability to see the good in the not-so-good situations.

Ask: Ask for help. This is one of my biggest areas of inadequacy. I rarely ask for help; but after last week, I’m trying my best to reach out to friends and family for a little more assistance. It may just be my personality, but I’m hoping to overcome the I can do it all myself attitude.

Realize: Oftentimes, the issues which seem important or stressful to us are only important or stressful to us. With the exception of major household damage or emergencies, most issues can be dealt with in a timely manner. I often realize most of my stress comes from first-world problems (the garbage didn’t get picked up; the grocery store doesn’t have our bread; or I double booked myself). Realizing the life I have is a blessed one helps me to reduce stress.

Get Over It: Why do we let the little things get to us? My husband, who is wise beyond his years, has a simple answer to this, “Get over it!”

Enjoy2: Enjoy made it on my list twice because it is the most important way to recharge. We are given these special moments in life – great ones, little ones, one of a kind ones – and we need to take the time to enjoy each of them. When we lose these moments or miss them because we are not recharged, we fail ourselves. Take the time to enjoy all of life’s blessings.

The next time your days seems a bit crazy and you find yourself wishing it wasn’t Monday, remember to recharge your batteries so you can keep going!

What are some ways you fight stress and the exhaustion of being a homemaker?


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