Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mommy & Me Owl Handprint

Here is a throw back post from an activity I did for Dandelion Moms a few years ago. It has made the rounds and has garnered 29 thousand plus pins on Pinterest! I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of the internet has!

Owls can be wise, all-knowing, and even whimsical. This autumn, owls seem to be all the rage in fashion, art and d├ęcor. Here is a delightful Mommy & Me craft to create with your young children this season.
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint of your choice. (Owls typically are brown, white and grey; however, pink owls are cute too.)
  • Craft paper of your choice. (I used a manila paper, but any craft paper will do.)
  • Various styles and sizes of paintbrushes.
  • A nearby sink to rinse small painted hands.
Let’s begin:
After selecting your color choice for the owl body, gently paint your child’s palm. Once the palm is painted, place the palm down on the paper to create a handprint. Lift your child’s hand gently and rinse off the paint.
With your child, select the different features and the colors you both will use to create your owl art. Add eyes, a beak, talons, and other details to your owl. Create a tree limb for it to rest upon. You can add more than one owl or tree to your creation. Imagination counts!
Hint: When layering paint for eyes or body coloring, ensure the bottom layer of paint has properly dried to avoid smudges or smears.
These owls would make adorable Fall Cards for grandparents or other family members, especially when signed “Wishing you owl a Happy Fall!”

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