Friday, August 8, 2014

Little Adventures of the Day to Day :: Harvesting Grapes in the Vineyard

Ever so often, I get the opportunity to check something off my Master List, otherwise known as the bucket list to most individuals. This week, I did exactly that!

One of my friend's recently moved to California, near our old stomping ground, and we've missed her family terribly! She sent me a message  earlier this week offering a chance to pick grapes at her vineyard since the fruit was ripe and there was no one to harvest. Of course, I squealed and immediately replied, "Yes, I would love too!"

Jake and I went out mid-week to check on the fruit and to see how it was faring with the birds and the Texas heat. The minute I stepped between the rows of vines, I no longer felt as if I were in East Texas, but somewhere magical and far away. There were no sounds except for the birds and bugs and whatever tromping noises my husband and I made as we walked through the grass. There was a slight breeze and the sun, while hot, was nice on my back as we clipped grape bunches from the vines.

The wine grapes were sweet orbs of glistening nectar beckoning me to pick more!

There is something soulful about completing a task you've always wanted to accomplish, but weren't quite sure when and where. I think I may have had a huge grin on my face the entire time I was in the vineyard. I appreciate the opportunity my friend offered me and I am thankful.


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