Monday, July 28, 2014

Texas Barbecue :: A Summertime Favorite!

Summer in Texas is synonymous with Bar-B-Que. From grilling in the backyard to enjoying this mouth-watering culinary delight in restaurants, most Texans (and many Americans!) spend countless hours dining on grilled meats and veggies throughout the season. In the past, Jake and I have even made special trips around the state just for some fabulous southern BBQ!

One of our favorite places is located in the quaint town of Taylor, Texas. Home of the best black-peppered brisket I've ever had the honor to dine upon, Louie Mueller Barbeque is absolutely stellar, and  not to mention historical.Their hours of operation can sometimes differ, so be sure to call or check their website for updates before heading that way. I promise you want this barbeque on your bucket list!

If you really want to get serious about BBQ, Texas Monthly wrote an article several years back about the best B-B-Q establishments in Texas and someone added the list to a Google map. (This is kind of like cheating!) So, scour the state and pick a few in your vicinity to visit!

If you hadn't already noticed, I spelled BBQ several different ways over the course of three short paragraphs. And, just as frequently as the spelling changes so does the flavor, cut and style of barbeque change across the state. The info-graphic below sheds a little light on the variety of Texas Barbecue. 

So, Bar-B-Q connoisseurs, where do you go for the tastiest BBQ this side of the Red River? I'd love to try out some of these long-favored establishments in the near future! 

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